• STRENGHT/STABILITY – Adds an element of challenge to any workout to increase core strength and maximize your overall body toning and stability
  • FASTER RESULTS – Incorporate the Wobble Cushion into your workout routine to give you an added challenge as it provides an unstable surface which forces you to use your core muscles more for faster, more visible results
  • VERSATILE - Use it as a workout companion, or as an ergonomic seat cushion to relieve pressure on the spine and back or as a wiggle seat for restless children or adults who have a hard time sitting still for extended periods of time
  • ALL INCLUSIVE – Comes with a FREE premium hand pump for inflation and personal adjustments. Use the pump to inflate other balls around the house. Just remember to moisten the pump’s needle before use
  • 100% GUARANTEE from WorldFit Inc. – a California, USA company

Inflated Balance Stability Wobble Cushion with Deluxe Air Pump