(Slackline Sold Separately)

  • 40ft Helpline and Balance-Assist-Rope system is a perfect complement for any Slackline (Slackline is sold separately). It is being sold by WorldFit - a USA company.
  • Enjoy the Slackline? But have not quite mastered the art of balancing, then the Helpline and Balance-Assist-Rope system is for you. No more falling off the Slackline. Have fun and enjoy yourself as long as possible with the use of this simple and innovative Slackline Helpline and Balance-Assist-Rope system. Great for young and old alike.
  • It is easy fast and simple to set up with the Rope-Ratchet and hook on one side and a Carabiner on the other side. Just tie around a branch and/or tree trunk above your Slackline, and tighten the Helpline in one swift swoop.
  • No additional hardware necessary. Just as easy to take down.
  • This system is manufactured in the USA using USA and foreign components, and comes with a drawstring bag for easy storage.

Balance Assist Helpline (for Slacklining), perfect to help master your Slackline